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Donations pay for teacher Lesley Clanton to teach all classes – kindergarten through fifth grade – a Digital Citizenship lesson, using tools from Common Sense Media. The material includes a range of subjects like recognizing media stereotypes, avoiding copyright infringement, avoiding plagiarism, understanding how easily photos are altered, dealing with cyber bullying, evaluating website security, and more.

Clanton says the students are applying these lessons every day:

“Students are eager to share what they are learning with their families, and both teachers and families have expressed to me the importance and gravity of these lessons and their pleasure that they are happening here at Byrom.”

The importance of the lessons can’t be overlooked.

“Digital Citizenship is helping students become much wiser about things that none of us ever imagined we’d have to confront. I’m so grateful to the Foundation for helping make that happen,” Principal Sarah Bautista said.