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Tigard’s Robotics Program stands alone in the time commitment, intensity, competitiveness and technical skill it demands from the students involved. Last year Robotics received $1,000 from the Foundation’s School Grant presented to Tigard High. Those funds, along with sponsorships, corporate grants, private donations and online fundraising, continued to made participation in Robotics absolutely free.  Fifty-four budding engineers, computer scientists and future technology industry innovators and leaders took full advantage of the opportunity.

Students Josh, Sid and Gabe all agreed it was an invaluable experience they will carry forward into their planned careers in the technology industry.

“The most important thing I learned,” said Josh, “was how to use our time effectively as a group. Work could progress faster this way.”

Gabe chimed in. “Yeah, and teamwork always gets the job done better than one person individually.”

For Sid, the most valuable skills he learned were improvisation and organization.

“We found out at the beginning if we were organized,  it makes it faster to fix things.”