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Through our School Grant program, we can complete our mission of funding “More Teachers. More Learning.”

Thank you for your donations of any size; taking part in the Twilight Run, Tee Up Fore Schools golf tournament, Taste of Thanksgiving, School Coin Drives and Trailblazer ticket sales; or for your business sponsoring an event. All of your efforts help fund part-time teachers, as well as materials and programs.

What does this look like at your school?

It could be the…

  • Part-time teacher that helped with the writing projects in all the Language Arts classes.
  • New samba instruments and guest teacher that helped teach 5th graders that performed at the Rose Festival.
  • Math teachers that reinforced learning from Algebra to IB Calculus in the high school afterschool Math Club.
  • McConnell Math teacher that has taught advanced math for 6 years at an elementary school.
  • Afterschool STEM teachers that uncovered the fun of of this big field of learning.

This year’s use of funds will be announced in the coming months. Click here to see how dollars were used in your school (and your future school) last year.