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Engineering1A Foundation grant helped remove the mystique of engineering for about 80 Twality Middle School students and family members. At the first-ever Family Engineering Night, a reusable STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Kit, purchased with funds from The Foundation, introduced students, siblings and their parents to basic engineering concepts and activities. Teachers, community volunteers, interpreters and professional engineers helped make the night a success.

Explains 8th grade science teacher Carla Birkholz:

“By giving students and families the opportunity to interact with hands-on engineering and other STEM-related activities, we are giving them the chance to have that ‘aha’ moment where they realize that Science, Technology, Engineering and Math is a part of their everyday lives, that it is something for everyone, and they make those important connections between the ordinary and extraordinary.”

Engineering2Twality is looking at ways to build on what they learned this year and involve more students, families, District STEM related clubs, and community partners next year. Additionally, the general ideas, approaches and ways of making connections will be applied in classrooms and related after-school activities such as Science Club, multiplying exponentially the return on the original grant investment.

“Many people believe that they can’t do math or science, frequently because they have run into challenges with it and didn’t receive the help they needed or they haven’t seen how that information will be useful to them in life,” said Birkholz. “We are helping nurture the future leaders of our world as well as their support networks by building confidence.”

Engineering3Your generous donation made this, and many more programs across the district, possible. Please help us continue this level of support by donating to The Foundation.  THANK YOU!!