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Mary Woodward Elementary


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How are Foundation grants benefiting Mary Woodward Students?

Year Grant Use Program
2017-18 $1,380 Ballroom Dancing for 4th & 5th Grades,
Xylophone Purchase & Repair
Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2017-18 $8,835 Teacher For Small Group Math Instruction for
Accelerated & Remedial
School Grant
2016-17 $1,200 New Risers for Music Performances Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2016-17 $8,500 Part-time Teacher for Accelerated & Grade Level Math School Grant
2016-17 $2,213 Gizmos Innovative Grant
2015-16 $1,000 Ballroom dancing for 4th and 5th grades Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2015-16 $8,500 Teacher for Accelerated & Remedial Math School Grant
2014-15 $1,000 Keyboard Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2014-15 $6,665 Small Group Math Support School Grant
2013-14 $6,650 Instruction Aide for small-group math instruction School Grant
2013-14 $1,000 Ballroom Dance instructor Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2012-13 $9,000 Instructional Aide for TAG/Accelerated math and other students School Grant
2012-13 $1,000 Music instruments Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2011-12 $9,000 Instructional Aides for reading, writing and math School Grant
2011-12 $825 New stage curtains Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2010-11 $9,000 Instructional Assistants for math support for students excelling, and
students performing below grade level
School Grant
2010-11 $805 New stage curtains for music and theater productions Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2009-10 Shared $100K Part of $100K effort to restore the elementary music program by rehiring
5 music teachers
School Grant
2009-10 $650 Art Literacy equipment Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2008-09 $6,500 Gardener in Residence program continues and provides every student a
hands-on experience in the garden
School Grant
2008-09 $550 Music Department Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2007-08 $500 Education signs for the Woodward Garden (incorporated into the Gardener
in Residence program)
Phonathon Incentive Award
2007-08 $6,500 Gardener in Residence program provides every student a hands-on
experience in the garden that is integrated with grade level curriculum
School Grant
2007-08 $550 Drum set for music class Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2006-07 $6,500 Educators provide math and reading support through small group and
individual instruction to students
School Grant

Your contribution funds even MORE learning!