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Tualatin Elementary


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How are Foundation grants benefiting Tualatin Elementary Students?

Year Grant Use Program
2017-18 $1,380 Student Tile Display Installation, New Receiver & CD Player for Music Room, Afterschool Krafty Kids Painting Class and Clay Class Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2017-18 $8,835 Teacher for STEAM Extension & Academic Support School Grant
2016-17 $1,200 Tualatin Elementary At Foundation (TEAF) After School Program, Art Supplies, Instrument Replacement Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2016-17 $8,500 Part-time Teacher for K-3 STEAM; Part-time Teacher for 3rd Grade Reading & 5th Grade Math Support; Instructional Aide for Reading Support School Grant
2016-17 $1,440 Wibble, Wobble, Engage & Learn! Innovative Grant
2015-16 $1,000 Marimbas Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2015-16 $8,500 Teacher for K-5 Math Support School Grant
2014-15 $1,000 Marimbas Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2014-15 $6,665 K-2 Small Group Math Support School Grant
2013-14 $6,650 Amp It Up For Learning Program School Grant
2013-14 $1,000 Art Literacy Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2012-13 $9,000 1st grade reading teacher School Grant
2012-13 $1,000 Voice amplification system for music room Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2011-12 $9,000 iPads, iPod Touch classroom set; document camera & projector for
music; AmeriCorps volunteer support
School Grant
2011-12 $825 Purchase ORFF percussion instruments Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2010-11 $9,000 Instructional Assistant and workbooks for math School Grant
2010-11 $805 Continue funding Gardener in Residence Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2009-10 Shared $100K Part of $100K effort to restore the elementary music program by
rehiring 5 music teachers
School Grant
2009-10 $650 Art Literacy program supplies Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2008-09 $6,500 Continued funding of the ’08-09 AmeriCorps volunteer to help
struggling students and coordinate a volunteer tutoring program
School Grant
2008-09 $550 Purchase 2 xylophones Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2007-08 $6,500 Funded an AmeriCorps volunteer to help students struggling in math,
provide reading interventions, and coordinate a parent/ community
volunteer program to further assist struggling students
School Grant
2007-08 $550 Funded a teacher stipend to offer an after-school clay class for
grade K-2 students in the spring and grades 3-5 in the winter
Art in the ‘Burbs Grant
2006-07 $6,500 Funded educators to provide individual or small group math tutoring
to 2nd and 3rd grade students
School Grant

Your contribution funds even MORE learning!